CALIE Project

Rapidly changing societies, economies and labour markets put increasing demands on individuals to continuously develop their skills and knowledge. Higher education and research therefore need to respond to these long-term challenges in an effective and thoughtful way. The CALIE project explores this new reality and offers insights into best practices from Sweden and the USA.

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Thematic Focus

Institutional Agility & The Future

The coherent themes of the project – academic leadership and the renewal of education – are seen as key factors for the universities’ ability to act in times of rapid social change, and to be able to provide relevant education of high quality.

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CALIE Publications

Discover Insights

CALIE, with its focus on strengthening the capacity of higher education and research in responding to long-term challenges, produces and disseminates analyses, reports, and case studies during the course of the project.

In the CALIE anthology – Renewing Higher Education: Academic Leadership in Times of Transformation – around 25 academics from Sweden and the US write about the role and functioning of universities in a time of societal and technological transformations and challenges.

The CALIE Paper series contains reports on themes ranging from liberal arts, experiences from STINT teaching sabbaticals, outcomes from study visits and meetings/dialogues, to transdisciplinary initiatives.

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CALIE Conference

Academic Leadership & Strategic Renewal of Education in Challenging Times

Digital Conference, 18-19 May 2021

This conference focused on universities in times of turbulence and transformation, how universities can meet current and future challenges, lifelong learning, etc.

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Stronger Together

In order to strengthen the potential for higher education and research to respond to long-term challenges, the university leadership of four Swedish universities—Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University and Uppsala University—have joined together to explore the topics of academic leadership and renewal of education in the collaborative project CALIE: the Sweden-USA Project for Collaboration, Academic Leadership and Innovation in Higher Education.

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