CALIE Conference

Academic Leadership & Strategic Renewal of Education in Challenging Times

Digital conference, 18-19 May 2021

Rapid changes at the societal level place high demands on academic leadership and the ability to renew education. This conference is aimed at academic leaders at various levels as well as decision-makers and other stakeholders who work in, and shape, the landscape for higher education and who are interested in academic leadership and strategic renewal of education. Both topics have gained renewed relevance during the ongoing pandemic.

During the first day of the conference – 18 May – the issue of academic leadership and renewal of education in times of change will be in focus, as well as how we can strengthen the universities’ ability to meet current and future challenges. Experiences and insights from American and Swedish universities will be shared through presentations, panel discussions and interviews.

The second day of the conference – 19 May – focuses on what Swedish higher education institutions can achieve in terms of strategic renewal of education, and on existing expectations for the role of higher education institutions in society. These questions are addressed from different perspectives, and with participation from universities, funding agencies, ministry, business sector, and the European Commission.