Stronger Together

In order to strengthen the potential for higher education and research to respond to long-term challenges, the university leadership of four Swedish universities—Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Stockholm University and Uppsala University—have joined together to explore the topics of academic leadership and renewal of education in the collaborative project CALIE: the Sweden-USA Project for Collaboration, Academic Leadership and Innovation in Higher Education.

Sylvia Schwaag Serger
Deputy Vice-Chancellor 2018-2020
Richard Stenelo
Director, International Office
Mattias Goksör
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Karolina Catoni
Assistant Director, International Centre
Clas Hättestrand
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Maria Wikse
Head, International Affairs
Anders Malmberg
Deputy Vice-Chancellor 2012-2020
Erika Dabhilkar
Head, Division for Internationalization

In collaboration with

Through joint workshops and seminars with Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley and University of Washington, the CALIE partners will share experiences, best practices and strategies in order to inspire change in the participating institutions and to develop a platform for further academic collaboration.

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