Project Overview

Overall aim and objectives

This project aims to inspire change and to strengthen the capacity of the participating institutions to respond to current and future challenges and to adapt higher education in the face of those challenges. The focus within the project is on the renewal of education and on academic leadership as key aspects for enabling change for the future.

The project moreover aims at developing a platform for further academic collaboration. In addition, the project seeks to influence policy on a national level in Sweden and to disseminate results in such a way as so be a source of inspiration to all Swedish universities.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Identify driving forces and prerequisites that are needed to initiate, fuel and support the development of renewal of education, particularly from a leadership perspective
  • Identify and develop tools and methods to re-conceptualize on a strategic level ways to renew and improve the quality of education
  • Identify good practice of renewal of education, especially in areas of common interest such as sustainable development and lifelong learning
  • Strengthen the understanding of how strategic renewal of education is driven in a collegial setting and of mechanisms that support collective leadership and accountability
  • Strengthen strategic and academic connections between the participating universities
  • Provide input for policy development on a national level (regarding the legal and financial instruments) for the renewal of education and academic leadership