IN THE NEWS: CALIE universities’ leaders reflect on the conference Academic Leadership & Strategic Renewal of Education in Challenging Times, 18-19 May 2021

On 18-19 May over 100 participants listenend to representatives from the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the European Commission and speakers from the CALIE universities as well as the collaboration partners in the USA . Issues of academic leadership and renewal of education in times of change were in focus, as well as how we can strengthen the universities’ ability to meet current and future challenges. Experiences and insights were shared through presentations, panel discussions and interviews.

Read their reflections from the conference.

Both Sweden and the United States think from the cradle to the grave (in Swedish only), Erik Renström, Vice-Chancellor, Lund University

Final conference of the CALIE collaboration (in Swedish only), Astrid Söderbergh Widding, President, Stockholm University

Renewal of education in challenging times , Karolina Catoni and Hanna Wedel, International Centre, University of Gothenburg

How should future universities be shaped?, Anders Berndt, Communications Division, Media Relations and Editorial Services, Uppsala Universities

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