NEW CALIE PUBLICATION: Renewing Higher Education: Academic Leadership in Times of Transformation

The edited volume Renewing Higher Education: Academic Leadership in Times of Transformation (Sylvia Schwaag Serger, Anders Malmberg & Mats Benner (eds.), with Mattias Goksör, Clas Hättestrand, Åsa Kettis & Teresia Rindefjäll) is the final report of the CALIE project.

Around 25 academics from Sweden and the US write about the role and functioning of universities in a time of societal and technological transformations and challenges. It summarizes some of lessons, conclusions and recommendations to be drawn from the project, and aims to stimulate further discussions and spark the renewal of higher education and development of academic leadership in the higher education sector of Sweden as a whole.

Some of the chapters are predominantly idea-driven and conceptual, while others deal with concrete processes of change within indivi­dual universities. All of them, however, relate to one or several of a set of broad questions:

  • How can research universities best contribute to meeting societal challenges and supporting sustainable development?
  • Which structural and cultural characteristics within a university support – or inhibit – change?
  • How can the role of collegiate bodies and mandate of academic leaders to drive development be clarified and strengthened?
  • With respect to academic freedom, how can the anchoring of strategic choices among faculty and students be enhanced?
  • What can universities do to reach their potential for interdisciplinary edu­cation and research?

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